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Furnishing Cologne:
Eleven new products of imm visiting cologne

©, Koelnmesse

The imm cologne is a business trade fair. Only that which is completely developed, sophisticated in terms of its production technology, tested and found to be ready for the market finds its way here. And that’s a quality criterion that has its own fascination. The Furnishing Cologne campaign, which is already in its fifth year, shows how inspiring the dichotomy of perfection and improvisation can be.

Pure Talents: Wine meets Furniture

© Magnus Mewes
© Magnus Mewes

The designer Magnus Mewes creates furniture from barrique barrels. The shapely stools, chairs and tables have a history: for the famous barrique barrels, which are intended for the maturation of great wines, the oldest oaks, often 200 years old, are cut down. Four times they are filled with red wine, then they are used for the oak furniture.

Four colours – four seasons: new colour concept for ceramic sinks from Villeroy & Boch

© Villeroy & Boch
© Villeroy & Boch

For many years, Villeroy & Boch has designed its ceramic sinks with an eye to international interior trends, particularly where the colour spectrum is concerned. Whilst the most recent preferences here were for neutral, soft tones, strong, expressive colours that can be used as deliberate accents and highlights are once again gaining ground: In modern living areas, as well as in bathrooms and kitchens, a bolder colour scheme is livening up interior design.

Homely tidiness

Almost nothing in sight: The sound panel of the Neo series by Hülsta conceals the integrated sound unit including the cables and offers room for a flatscreen. ©: Hülsta
Almost nothing in sight: The sound panel of the Neo series by Hülsta conceals the integrated sound unit including the cables and offers room for a flatscreen. © Hülsta

The furnishing of some people’s flats is spartan. There is nothing superfluous in the apartment. Then, there are others, who always want to have everything that is the last cry. And those, who love collecting things, who can’t throw anything away, who keep everything. How orderly an apartment looks doesn’t just depend on how ascetic we live or how much we enjoy collecting things, but also whether we create the possibilities to accommodate our living accessories in an orderly manner. And there is plenty of furniture that can help us here.

Trend furniture shelf: tidy living

© Müller Möbelwerkstätten
© Müller Möbelwerkstätten

Shelves, whether open or closed, are all around us. In the first years after the digitalisation of our daily lives began, this type of furniture seemed indispensable but not particularly sexy. But organisational furniture has developed into a true multi-talent that – whether as the focal point of a room, a decorative accessory, or a climbing wall – makes plenty of room for individuality.

Interview Gerald Wehner: “The construction of the building allows dividing up the floor plans.”

© Wehner - Architekten
© Wehner – Architekten

It is not only at imm cologne that designers like Sebastian Herkner experiment with circular forms in architecture (cf. “Das Haus 2016”). In 2012, an unusual building was erected east of Cologne: a round residential tower, like a landmark protruding from the conventional surroundings. Architect Gerald Wehner speaks about the efficiency of round structures, the degree of freedom round buildings offer the architect and the residents’ positive experiences.