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Welcome to “Das Haus” 2016!


The new edition of “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” stands in bold contrast with not only the compact installation from Neri&Hu at the last imm cologne, but in fact also with all living conventions. It is circular, more or less transparent and has almost no solid wall elements. Nonetheless, Sebastian Herkner’s house promises to be a sensual experience – a house that is soft and aromatic, colourful and communicative, and which is able to change its form like a chameleon.

Interview Dick Spierenburg:
Five houses with five perspectives


As part of the concept of the imm cologne design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage”, a new designer is invited each year to set the stage of this international interior design platform. Cologne is proud to announce that Sebastian Herkner will take on this role in 2016. Dick Spierenburg, the imm cologne Creative Director, explains in interview the selection process, comparing all five sharply contrasting editions of “The House”.

For Furniture with hidden Talents


Interzum, the industry’s leading trade fair, is considered the innovator and driver of new concepts and developments for the furnishing industry. And those invisible innovations which are hidden within the furniture itself make for particularly exciting discoveries, including fittings as well as new functions and improved types of functionality – real inner value.

80 years of Artek


In October 1935 the architect and designer couple Alvar and Aino Aalto, the arts patron Maire Gullichsen and the art historian and critic Nils-Gustav Hahl decided to found Artek in Helsinki. The immediate impetus for this step was the desire to professionalise the international distribution of the furniture designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto.

Many roads lead to the 3D object


The history of three-dimensional printing began in the early 1980s, when Chuck Hull developed an additive manufacturing technology. Implemented initially only for prototypes, the 3D printing method has in the meantime established itself in the automobile and aircraft construction industries and in the medical sector. Now, furniture designers are also discovering 3D printing. The result is the creation of an entirely new design language for furniture, accessories and furnishings.

150 years of Walter Knoll


Walter Knoll is among the leading international manufacturers of high-quality upholstered furniture and object facilities. Whether in a classic or modern design – with its products Walter Knoll wants to create living spaces. And that for the past 150 years. We say our congratulations.

Printing in a complex future


Even if 3D printing has already increasingly established itself in the automobile construction and medical sectors since its development in the 1980s, this production method has not yet been able to assert itself in the furniture industry. However, if one believes the experts, the furniture industry is just about to experience the fourth industrial revolution. A whole piazza is being dedicated to the theme of 3D printing at interzum, including an exhibition and a lecture forum.