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Interview with Patricia Urquiola: “Every space can be used in various ways.”

Patricia Urquiola, photo: Georg Jensen
Patricia Urquiola
Photo: Georg Jensen

Designing is not so much about making a table anymore, says Patricia Urquiola. It’s more about the way spaces evolve, how they are crossed by time. We talked with the Italy-based, Spanish designer and architect about what today’s changes in lifestyles mean for her work, and about her new task as art director of Italian top level product company Cassina.

Interview with Tom Dixon: “We try to cover as many disciplines as possible.”

Tom Dixon
Photo: Peer Lindgreen

From the beginning, Tom Dixon did not only design things – he actually made them. An approach which taught him everything about materials as well as manufacturing processes, about creativity as well as business. A conversation about the connection between all these aspects, and how they help to create quality in a time when living, working and leisure are more and more merging.

Versatile platform: imm cologne 2017 promotes contract business

Motorola Headquarters, Chicago/USA (architecture by Gensler), Scope Seating by COR
Foto: COR

Exhibitors and trade visitors appreciate imm cologne as a platform for contract business. The equipping of hotels, shops and other projects is of increasing importance for manufacturers from the furniture and interior design segments. In Cologne from 16 to 22 January 2017 they will present a diverse offering for these segments, from new products through individual consultation to tailored solutions.

Interview with John Löfgren of Form Us With Love: „The borders are blurring.“

The team of Form Us With Love, with founders John Löfgren (left) and Jonas Pettersson (right)
Photo: Jonas Lindström

The young designers of Form Us With Love, Stockholm, know where they come from. But more important: they know where they are headed. And that circumstances for a new generation are different from those for the big Scandinavian designers decades ago. A conversation with co-founder John Löfgren about tradition, new lifestyles, and imm cologne as a business spot.

Sensual sofa: Design icon Dalilips


El sofá Dalilips
Design icon Dalilips

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989) went down in history as one of the greatest representatives of the surrealist movement. He was more than just a talented painter, he also made a name for himself as a sculptor, stage designer, engraver and writer. His whole life was a synthesis of arts. Born on 11 May 1904, Salvador Dalí died on 23 January 1989. As a tribute, we’d like to tell you the story behind his “Dalilips” sofa – a Spanish design icon and one of the most sensual pieces of furniture in the world.

Next Eames Chair: 5 potential future classics

Beetle chair

Everyone knows them, or has at least admired them in a glossy magazine: iconic chairs by Charles and Ray Eames (DSW), Arne Jacobsen (Serie 7) and Mies van der Rohe (Barcelona Chair), among others. Their price may be prohibitive for many, but they still have an unparalleled appeal. They have been recreated and copied many times over – in a way, even for a design, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The originals are prized as art works and investments that are passed on from generation to generation. However, today’s designers are also creating chairs that have what it takes to be classics. Read on to learn more about these star chairs.

Size of our furniture: An evolutionary perspective

Size and scale in furniture mean more than just harmony of proportions: they are first and foremost a matter of practicality. The height and depth of a sofa can determine how comfortable a family feels when spending time reading or watching TV. A chair back that’s too low can disrupt meal and work times, while awkwardly tall kitchen cabinets can spoil the fun of cooking dinner.

8 tips to figure out your interior decorating style

Knowing what you love (and what you don’t) is the first step in creating a home you enjoy spending time in. Instead of starting out with formal names of decorating styles, which can be a bit restrictive, it often helps to first do some pondering about what you love and are drawn to in general.
Once you’ve gathered enough information, you can look over your findings and come up with a creative name for the style that’s all yours – pulling features from different looks is what makes a place your own.

Midcentury design: Viva Brazil

Photo courtesy of R&Co.
Sérgio Rodrigues’ Mole chair, 1957

An original Mole chair, with its plump calfskin cushions, adjustable leather straps and lustrous jacaranda frame, couldn’t be more comfortable. In his new book, Brazil Modern: The Rediscovery of Twentieth-Century Brazilian Furniture (The Monacelli Press), Aric Chen contends that the Mole and its midcentury cohorts, a sampling of which are highlighted below, deserve a place among the country’s other icons, such as Copacabana, samba, the Amazon and the nut.