A day in Louise Campbell’s “Das Haus”

“Das Haus” only stood for seven days. From the outside, it was recognisable by its classic dimensions, topped by a low-pitched gable roof, constructed on a timber frame, clad with wooden shingles and curtains. Inside a single large, almost bare space, an end wall full of tools, a huge long table in the middle, and on the side an extremely large bed space constructed out of platforms and thick mattresses – a unique, very personal vision of a home interior, created for the imm cologne 2014 by Danish designer Louise Campbell.

Das Haus 2014: a slow house full of handmade things


What Louise Campbell has erected in Pure Village at the imm cologne with such incredible passion for detail isn’t one house, it’s two! Two timber-framed, prototypical houses with an exposed beam structure that look as if they were positioned at an angle to one another on the floor of the hall and then pushed inside one another like a telescope. The posts of one house have been painted white, those of the other a light grey. The rectangular overlap in the middle created by the intersection of the two volumes marks the spot where opposites are reconciled and the two houses merge into one.

The suspense mounts: “Das Haus” is ready for
Louise Campbell to move into


The first impressions of what visitors to the “Das Haus” installation can expect during the trade fair from 13.01. – 19.01.2014 are already remarkable: in the middle of Hall 2.2, two interlinking houses have been erected in Pure Village based on the plans by Danish designer Louise Campbell. The power and water connections, lighting, larch roof shingles and an impressive carpet are ready and waiting. In the course of this week, Louise Campbell will be moving into “her” house at the imm cologne 2014 and bringing numerous furnishing items with her.

Louise Campbell:
“There are lots of flexible spaces to experiment.”


Louise Campbell is known for her beautiful lamps and accessories, filigree armchairs and decorative interiors. With her scenography for “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” at the imm cologne 2014, she will be using an abundance of creative ideas to show the design world another side of herself. “Das Haus” will surprise visitors with shifting scales and a conceptual approach that focuses on measurements and measuring instruments. In this interview, Louise Campbell describes her ideas for implementing her work and reveals a lot about her personal outlook as well.

Dick Spierenburg: “We’ll be experiencing a very sensuous ‘Haus’ at the imm cologne.”


The trade fair architecture of the Pure Village format that was launched four years ago was developed for the imm cologne by external consultant and Creative Director Dick Spierenburg. And even here, the design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” that was initiated under his creative supervision will be opening its doors again next year too. This time it will be based on a blueprint by Danish designer Louise Campbell.

Louise Campbell: A house made to measure

Pure59_2014_Das-Haus_Statement_AufmacherPhoto: Andreas Körner; koelnmesse

“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is the large-scale scenography of a living situation based on the very personal ideas of an internationally influential designer who changes every year. Following London design team Doshi Levien’s successful launch of the imm cologne’s new design event (2012) and the subsequent edition by Luca Nichetto (2013), koelnmesse has nominated Danish designer Louise Campbell to create “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage 2014”.

Das Haus: Louise Campbell to design
“Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” in 2014

Louise CampbellPhoto: Louise Campbell

The walk-in “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation will be erected at the next imm cologne too – this time based on plans by Louise Campbell. Following the format’s successful premiere with London design studio Doshi Levien in 2012 and Venetian designer Luca Nichetto’s elegant interpretation at the imm cologne 2013, the next “Das Haus” will be created by an up-and-coming young designer from Scandinavia.

“Das Haus” 2013 by Luca Nichetto:
A stage for visionary living concepts

It was a design event of the quieter, more subtle kind. There was no proclamation of a new design philosophy to the accompaniment of spectacular gestures. Nor was a new collection presented in a typical trade fair scenography designed to show the product off to full advantage in a perfectly styled setting, as is the custom in the Pure segments of the international furniture and interior design show imm cologne. Instead Das Haus – Interiors on Stage was a half realistic, half visionary depiction of a dream of what living space could be like – in this particular case, of Luca Nichetto’s dream. The imm cologne’s new design format, which was introduced just last year, is not so much about individual products as about the interplay between all the various factors that constitute interior design. The individual pieces of furniture are important soloists within this ensemble but not, in this case, the superstars.

imm cologne presents “Das Haus” by Luca Nichetto

Photo: Constantin Meyer; Koelnmesse

What possibilities do we have for enhancing the way we live? There are technological approaches, sustainability concepts, social and multicultural utopias and ideals. And, since 14th January 2013, there has been an experiment on the idea of green living too: the “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation at the current imm cologne, this year designed for the international furniture fair by Luca Nichetto. In his design, the Venetian focuses on solutions intended to enable occupants to live in direct co-existence with nature.