Top event at the imm cologne 2015: Neri&Hu’s “Das Haus” is under construction


With a number of days still to go until Christmas, Koelnmesse’s hall 2.2 was already a hotbed of activity. Now, Pure Village is nearing completion: the numerous cubes are ready for the many ambitious design brands that will be exhibiting here to move into. But above all, a host of helpers are constructing the architecture of “Das Haus”, the Pure design segment’s top event.

Lecture at The Stage: Health in bathroom design


Health is one of the current mega-trends and as it has begun to spread into all areas of our lives, it has a growing impact on people and their behaviour. However, “being healthy” does not just mean being free of illness; it also means feeling good in your body and having a healthy work-life-balance. In her lecture Martina Brüßel introduces a mega-trend, that influences private, individual living areas and the associated architecture and design – in particular, bathroom design.

Book Lounge: The residential complex – Why we need new forms of dwelling


Why do so many people expect a detached house to bring them happiness? They leave the cities and move to the surrounding urban hinterlands, where a dismal hotchpotch of residential estates floods the landscape. In the future, we will not be able to afford the house for the nuclear family as we know it today anyway, from an economic as well as an ecological perspective. But what should our houses look like in the future? What do they reveal about our lives? Is there an entirely different way of imagining them? This funny, controversial and extremely well researched book demonstrates that construction in Germany needs to be completely reconceived. The book also shows how people live in other parts of Europe, as well as in Japan and in America – beyond the suburban wastelands and apartment blocks.

Lecture at The Stage: Colours and Living


Colour trends define an ambience, just as fashion does: the childlike wonderland with its intense colours is replaced by Electric Feeling or Tutti Colori. The fun and freshness factor of living and lifestyle remains intact however. The no.1 status symbol is and will remain the Home. The suitability for everyday use of its potential for offering rest and relaxation and enjoying leisure time ranges from the child-friendly family idyll to the spa and fitness resort or the individual party and cultural centre: our enjoyment of living is based on our joy in colours.

md Pure Textile Talk: Panel discussion with representatives of the textile industry


The focus of consumers, architects and interior designers is increasingly shifting to textiles once more. At the interface between decoration and functionality, between innovative materials and great design, textile room design is experiencing a renaissance. High-ranking representatives of the textile industry, Philippe Baumann (CEO of Création Baumann), Michael Fischbacher (CEO of Christian Fischbacher), Remo Röntgen (CEO of Nya Nordiska) and Andreas Zimmer (CEO of Zimmer + Rohde) talk to David Wiechmann and reveal, from their respective perspectives, what they see as the developments lying ahead for the industry.

The Stage 2015: Trend show with a huge range of information for design fans


What are the trends of the coming season? How do people in Austria, Sweden or China live? What do designers have to say about “Das Haus”, the Featured Editions or about their furniture? What are the future trends for fabrics? How could the cradle-to-cradle concept function in the furniture industry? What does my bathroom have to do with my health? And how is the furniture industry dealing with online opportunities? “The Stage” trend forum provides a platform for tabling questions like these.

Lecture at The Stage about Universal Design as the incubator for product development


The theory of Universal Design was first introduced by the American architect and designer Ronald L. Mace. In the eighties, he and his team developed the design principles for Universal Design. Michael Schlenke is an expert in Universal Design and in his presentation demonstrates, by means of best practice examples, the growth opportunities associated with it.

Lecture at The Stage: Colours in Offices


The perfect office is tailored to performance and to people working together. The dull and monotonous office of old is as out of favour as the patriarchal office with its dictatorial style. The workplace is experiencing a revolution: fun and aesthetics, the office’s functionality in relation to human requirements as well as performance, progress and creativity, stimulation and relaxation as well as sociability and individuality.

Lecture at The Stage: Legal protection of designs


There are many ways to legally protect design, and copyright law will have a far larger role to play in the future than it has had up to now. In its so-called “Geburtstagszug“ (birthday-train) decision, the German Federal Court of Justice has relinquished its decades‘ long jurisdiction which had stipulated stricter criteria for the protectability of designs than for other works.

Interview with Dick Spierenburg: “All-round architects are coming back on the scene.”


Part of the principle behind the imm cologne design event “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” is that a new designer is invited to make his or her mark on the interior design platform every year. For the 2015 edition of the project, the Cologne trade fair has brought the Shanghai-based Neri&Hu Design and Research Office on board. The two architects are one of the hottest creative teams in the world right now – and the imm cologne is bringing them to Germany. In our interview, the imm cologne’s Creative Director Dick Spierenburg explains the background to this development.