Lecture at The Stage by Michael Hilgers:
Dare to be niche – a different approach to design


On the basis of examples, the presentation demonstrates that current trends like “space-saving furniture”, “home office” and “urban green” can be decisively co-designed through individual supposed niche products. From the perspective of his creative work, the designer Michael Hilgers feels that there is always also an interesting story behind every product.

The Stage: Welcome to Das Haus – Interview with Lyndon Neri & Rossana Hu


In 2015, “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” actually turns into a stage – a setting-like structure of spacious interiors and “housing cages” of various sizes that are supposed to question our conception of the home. The design of the architects Neri & Hu laid out in two stories for the first time in the series of “Das Haus”, promises innovative approaches to the concept of living space both on an aesthetic and a philosophical level. In the interview with Niklas Maak, the designers talk anout the conception of their installation.

Daily lecture at The Stage: The 10 most important trends at the imm cologne 2015


What’s the new trend colour? Will last year’s “cosiness” trend turn into a mega trend at imm cologne 2015? And how important are those wholly personal places and pieces within our own homes? Frank A. Reinhardt and his team from far.consulting have identified a total of 10 trends and will deliver a short and concise introduction to each of them every day at The Stage, imm cologne’s presentation forum. In addition, Reinhardt will present the most important highlights of imm cologne 2015 at the design-orientated Pure segment: a comprehensive round-up of everything you can’t afford to miss.

Lecture at The Stage: Nature plus


The new naturalness in design is more than just a trend. “Back to the roots“ is everywhere – once more and in increasing numbers consumers are incorporating natural materials into their living environments with the emphasis on longevity and pieces which age gracefully. Heads of design studio Wiederverwandt (which loosely translates as “Reused”), architect Wibke Schaeffer and designer Moritz Zielke, designer, present current examples from the cool design scene.

Lecture in The Stage: Design in Scandinavia


The subject of Scandinavian design is wider than ever. Today there are several parallel currents flowing through the Nordic design landscape. Icons from the fifties and sixties are holding strong or resurfacing again after being asleep for years. At the same time a younger generation moves in with a strong urge to work in a more conceptual way, trying to find new channels to reach out with their work. Others at or trying to explore the Scandinavian heritage.

Lecture at The Stage: Ergonomics – at home


Even though the topic of work-life balance is much discussed, whether we need, and indeed whether we want, ergonomics in our homes is still open to debate. One of the aims of ergonomics is to produce easy-to-handle and convenient products. Another aim is to introduce ergonomic work structures which ensure efficient and error-free work and prevent damage to peoples’ health even when carrying out tasks for extended periods of time. Wait – “error-free work” and “preventing damage to health” don’t sound like the keywords for home design! In his presentation, Malte Lenkeit addresses these keywords and demonstrates why we need ergonomics in our living spaces as well as in the work place.

Lecture at The Stage about the Interior Colour Trends 2015


Colour matters. Even more so than you might think. Colour preferences are directly linked to psychology, but even if so, the colours we prefer today are not the same as those we will prefer tomorrow. This is due to different driving factors affecting our state of mind. Therefore, understanding a colour trend goes hand in hand with understanding the market psychology at any given moment. In her lecture Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener asks the question: Where will we be at in our minds during 2015 and what will our colour preferences be in connection to this?

Lecture at The Stage: Colour meets Material


Colour is material, and material is colour. Together they are two elementary design aspects that truly belong together. With the possibility to be combined in an endless number of variations they can create design gems as never seen before. During the lecture ‘Colour meets Material’ we will present successful colour and material combinations, and share our knowledge on why they work so well. Giving you tips on what to think of when selecting colour and material, as well as presenting the latest news within material and colour trends. And where they are heading.

Lecture at The Stage about conceiving and designing future living spaces


“In its thousands of honeycombs, space saves condensed time.” This quotation from Gaston Bachelard inspired Poonam Choudhry to reflect on the design of our future living spaces from the perspective of her Indian background and her interdisciplinary working methods. And it is the title of a lecture with the topic “In between cultures – conceiving and designing future living spaces”.