md Pure Textile Talk: Panel discussion with representatives of the textile industry


The focus of consumers, architects and interior designers is increasingly shifting to textiles once more. At the interface between decoration and functionality, between innovative materials and great design, textile room design is experiencing a renaissance. High-ranking representatives of the textile industry, Philippe Baumann (CEO of Création Baumann), Michael Fischbacher (CEO of Christian Fischbacher), Remo Röntgen (CEO of Nya Nordiska) and Andreas Zimmer (CEO of Zimmer + Rohde) talk to David Wiechmann and reveal, from their respective perspectives, what they see as the developments lying ahead for the industry.

Lecture at The Stage about Universal Design as the incubator for product development


The theory of Universal Design was first introduced by the American architect and designer Ronald L. Mace. In the eighties, he and his team developed the design principles for Universal Design. Michael Schlenke is an expert in Universal Design and in his presentation demonstrates, by means of best practice examples, the growth opportunities associated with it.

Lecture at The Stage: Colours in Offices


The perfect office is tailored to performance and to people working together. The dull and monotonous office of old is as out of favour as the patriarchal office with its dictatorial style. The workplace is experiencing a revolution: fun and aesthetics, the office’s functionality in relation to human requirements as well as performance, progress and creativity, stimulation and relaxation as well as sociability and individuality.

Lecture at The Stage: Legal protection of designs


There are many ways to legally protect design, and copyright law will have a far larger role to play in the future than it has had up to now. In its so-called “Geburtstagszug“ (birthday-train) decision, the German Federal Court of Justice has relinquished its decades‘ long jurisdiction which had stipulated stricter criteria for the protectability of designs than for other works.