The Stage: Katrin de Louw explains which
trends will move the Interior Industry

© Trendfilter
© Trendfilter

The talk by trend expert Katrin de Louw filters current design, materials and social trends for the furnishings industry and provides an overview of the key drivers that are set to influence furniture design in coming years. Examining trends from the perspective of the furniture industries’ supplying sections and the materials industry, she presents a comprehensive cross section – from short-term design trends to the long-term, social and technical currents from which tomorrow’s furniture will emerge.

The Stage: Martina Brüßel explains why bathroom architecture is important for being healthy

© Aqua Cultura
© Aqua Cultura

Health is one of the current mega-trends and as it has begun to spread into all areas of our lives, it has a growing impact on people and their behaviour. However, “being healthy” does not just mean being free of illness; it also means feeling good in your body and having a healthy work-life-balance. In her lecture Martina Brüßel introduces a mega-trend, that influences private, individual living areas and the associated architecture and design – in particular, bathroom design.

The Stage: Hildegard Kalthegener about colour combinations according to Le Corbusier

© Hildegard Kalthegener
© Hildegard Kalthegener

The International Style at the beginning of the 20th century is known for its functionalism, the right angle and for its credo “less is more”, while one of the main protagonists Le Corbusier, seemingly in contrast to this, developed a colour system with numerous nuances which even today still helps many creatives in finding one perfect colour or working with space-forming polychromatism. In the lecture design contrasts will be analysed:

The Stage: sustainable solutions and functional marerials: Sascha Peters about Material Trends 2017

© Sascha Peters
© Sascha Peters

Today, two major trends in materials developments relevant to interior solutions and design can be observed. On the one hand, manufacturers are seeking to expand their ranges of sustainable material solutions and to improve the environmental sustainability of their production processes, the sourcing of their resources and energy consumption. Added to this, functions are being integrated into materials, opening up opportunities to profitably deploy so-called “smart materials” in an immense variety of ways.

Lecture by Meinolf Heim at The Stage:
“Let’s be Smart” – When lighting goes online


The market is flooded with terms like “smart home”, “intelligent living” and “eHomes”. In the meantime we hear promising advertising slogans like “Your entire house in one app!” every day. But what does “everything” include? Here one quickly thinks of devices like washing machines or dishwashers, heating and blinds. Meinolf Heim concerns himself with intelligent lighting, its components and its functionality. Which lighting is “intelligent” and compatible with the home control system? How is it integrated into the home control system? What can intelligent ligthing even actually do? Meinolf Heim presents examples and provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Lecture at The Stage by Jens J. Wischmann about
Trends in the Bathroom


Has the topic cosiness in the bathroom evolved into a megatrend? What about the “Healthyness in the Bathroom” trend and life-stage-friendly bathroom design? How important is the theme of hygiene in the bathroom? Jens J. Wischmann, Managing Director of for the VDS (German Sanitary Industry Association), presents these trends and other innovations and developments in his lecture.

Lecture by Wibke Schaeffer und Moritz Zielke about using sustainable Materials in Renovation Projects


In their presentation, architect Wibke Schaeffer and designer Moritz Zielke from the wiederverwandt (“re-used”) studio, talk about the ongoing trend towards sustainable living, renovation and furnishing. The Cologne-based office has been building, planning and designing for the organic sector amongst others since its formation in 2011 and is active in teaching. The individual on-trend materials will be presented in a variety of visual formats.