Interview with Tom Dixon: “We try to cover as many disciplines as possible.”

Tom Dixon
Photo: Peer Lindgreen

From the beginning, Tom Dixon did not only design things – he actually made them. An approach which taught him everything about materials as well as manufacturing processes, about creativity as well as business. A conversation about the connection between all these aspects, and how they help to create quality in a time when living, working and leisure are more and more merging.

Versatile platform: imm cologne 2017 promotes contract business

Motorola Headquarters, Chicago/USA (architecture by Gensler), Scope Seating by COR
Foto: COR

Exhibitors and trade visitors appreciate imm cologne as a platform for contract business. The equipping of hotels, shops and other projects is of increasing importance for manufacturers from the furniture and interior design segments. In Cologne from 16 to 22 January 2017 they will present a diverse offering for these segments, from new products through individual consultation to tailored solutions.

Pure Talents Contest Nominee Susanne Tesche: “Creative chaos does not work for me.”

Photo: Susanne Tesche
Photo: Susanne Tesche

Susanne Tesche studies product design at Kassel College of Fine Arts (KHK) in Germany. In a woodworking machinery course, the designer from Wuppertal obtained a grounding in metal and plastics processing, model making and conceptual thinking. Even before starting her degree, she gained important experience through periods abroad lasting several years – in Orlando, Florida (academic high school exchange) and in Australia (working and travelling). In her interview, the nominee for the Pure Talents Contest talks about career opportunities for designers, her entry in the competition and about silence.

Pure Talents Contest Nominee Guillaume Morillon: “The imm cologne is the place to be in Germany.”

Photo: Guillaume Morillon
Photo: Guillaume Morillon

The French designer Guillaume Morillon graduated from the Ensaama Olivier de Serres (Paris) in 2009 and from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands) in 2014. His work is based on experimentations with materials, colours and textures and aims at creating powerful images. Nevertheless, sometimes his work is celebrating the lazy pleasure experienced at the beach. Just like Paresse, a daybed he will be presenting at Pure Talents Contest 2017.

Blue is Germany’s favourite colour

Photo: e15, Kerman
Photo: e15, Kerman

The Germans love blue. With 19 per cent preferring this colour, it is ahead of green (14%) and red (13%) by a clear margin. The most popular colour spectrum overall runs from beige (10%) and yellow (7%) through to orange (6%). These are the findings of a representative nationwide survey of 1,000 Germans aged between 16 and 75, commissioned by the German Paint Institute in Frankfurt (DLI / Deutsches Lackinstitut).

Interview with John Löfgren of Form Us With Love: „The borders are blurring.“

The team of Form Us With Love, with founders John Löfgren (left) and Jonas Pettersson (right)
Photo: Jonas Lindström

The young designers of Form Us With Love, Stockholm, know where they come from. But more important: they know where they are headed. And that circumstances for a new generation are different from those for the big Scandinavian designers decades ago. A conversation with co-founder John Löfgren about tradition, new lifestyles, and imm cologne as a business spot.

Pure Talents Contest Nominee Pieter Peulen:
“I should visit squad’s more often.”

Photo: Pieter Peulen
Photo: Pieter Peulen

Pieter Peulen, born in 1993, is an interior and furniture designer based in Belgium. A solution thinker that likes to keep it simple. The inspiration for Flexit had Pieter Peulen during his time in school while living in student accommodations. Because of the frame structure, Flexit can be a bed, a desk, or bunk bed. In the interview, Pieter Peulen talks about the how it came to this idea.