In bed with Harald Glööckler

Crowning the sleep: the box spring beds from Femira by Harald Glööckler
Photo: Femira

He is one of the most flamboyant figures on the German designer and fashion scene. But Harald Glööckler creates more than just fashion under his label Pompöös. To crown it all, he wants to extend his realm to the interior landscape, whether it’s with wallpaper, lighting, home accessories or even a complete prefabricated house. Now the Prince of Pompöös is launching a box spring bed collection.

A combination of design, feel and function

Photo: Pia Kintrup

With furniture, we arrange our flats, express our style and perhaps even make a visual statement. But we don’t decide whether we like a table or a sofa based on their looks alone – feel and function also play a role. The challenge lies in combining all three factors. With his master’s project at Folkwang University, the bureau “Kabinett”, Tim zum Hoff has even succeeded in directly linking a tactile experience with a function – the bureau’s compartments are illuminated by brushing a hand gently across its surface.

Raw Color are playing with hues for Nanimarquina

Photo: Nanimarquina

The Dutch design studio Raw Color likes to blend the borders of design disciplines by mixing the fields of graphic design, photography and textile design. Within their work the materialisation of colour plays a key role. Now, Daniera ter Haar and Christoph Brach have designed the “Blend” collection for Nanimarquina, playing with the visual perception of colour.

The Stage: Martina BrĂĽĂźel explains why bathroom architecture is important for being healthy

© Aqua Cultura
© Aqua Cultura

Health is one of the current mega-trends and as it has begun to spread into all areas of our lives, it has a growing impact on people and their behaviour. However, “being healthy” does not just mean being free of illness; it also means feeling good in your body and having a healthy work-life-balance. In her lecture Martina Brüßel introduces a mega-trend, that influences private, individual living areas and the associated architecture and design – in particular, bathroom design.

World premiere at imm cologne: For the first time, Birkenstock presents beds and sleep systems

©  Birkenstock
© Birkenstock

Birkenstock is a long-established and very well-known brand. With footbeds adapted to the anatomy of the foot, the name has stood for expertly produced footwear and healthy feet since 1774. Today, the company is expanding its portfolio and will now also offer sleep systems and beds. And just as their footbeds conform to the natural shape of the foot, the sleep system will adapt to suit the whole body’s recovery when lying and sleeping.

Healthy sitting:
The ideal way to furnish your workplace

© Actiu
© Actiu

Whether we’re in the office, behind the wheel or at home in front of the TV – we sit too much and for too long. According to a survey conducted by the German market research institute GfK on behalf of the health insurer DKV and the Sport University Cologne, we spend an average of 450 minutes or 7.5 hours sitting on workdays. General tips such as regularly standing up and getting some exercise are simply not enough. Sitting correctly and ensuring that seating furniture supports correct sitting posture is vital.

Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec create cloudy vases fĂĽr Vitra

Nuage Launch Installation, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec ©Studio Bouroullec
Nuage Launch Installation, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec ©Studio Bouroullec

In 2002, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec created a module shelf system, reminiscent of a cloud, that can be grouped into clusters or large-scale configurations. Eight tubular cavities pierce the flat surfaces of the modular element while also defining the form’s outer contours. Now the designers had picked up this shape again to create the vases Nuage for Vitra.

Turning old into new:
seat covers made from recycled drinks bottles

© Brunner
© Brunner

Polyethylene terephthalate or PET for short. It is the material used to make drinks bottles. Consumers in Germany can return these bottles to supermarkets after use and collect the refundable deposit. But what happens to the no-longer-needed, crushed bottles? Some of them are made into bottles again, others into T-shirts or fleeces. And some of them are made into seat covers. Brunner uses a cover fabric made from 100% recycled polyester for many of its products.