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Axor Universal Accessories: the Aesthetics of Order


Modular, multifunctional and universally usable: with the Universal Accessories range, Axor is offering its first cross-collection system of complementary items. The range consists of various rails, shelf elements and holders that can either be used individually or as an integrated system for the bathroom and, in some cases, the kitchen. Hansgrohe developed the series for Axor together with architect and designer Antonio Citterio.

Création Baumann: Fabrics promote healing


Health and its preservation plays an important part within today’s society. Health as a subject is ever present and affects everybody individually. Under the influence of changing demographics, changed perception of health and medical progress, this will be further accentuated in the future. Because prevention is better than cure, prevention is also gaining in importance. Simultaneously, growing prosperity in many countries has resulted in an increased demand for health care.

Stagione by Ruckstuhl – one carpet for each season


They have always been a source of inspiration. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe dedicated them a poem, Antonio Vivaldi a set of violin concertos, and pizza bakers created according to their denomination a rich topped bread – the four seasons. Now the Swiss studio Atelier Oï, with the three designers Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond, has designed a carpet collection called Stagione – the Italian word for season – for the new Ruckstuhl edition. A collection designed in four vivid colour variants.

Upgrade of a timeless design


Crono is one of the most flexible and versatile solitaire collections from bathroom furniture manufacturer Burgbad. Thanks to its clear, linear design vocabulary and cuboid interpretation of volume, it is timeless as well. The broad spectrum of washbasins and bathroom furniture offers the same kind of planning scope you’d usually only expect from comprehensive furniture systems.