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Small hotels with high demands

It gets more and more crowded particularly in the popular metropolises of this world. Up-to-date hotels make a virtue of necessity: Well-thought out interior concepts ensure a high degree of comfort in a very tight space. After all, it is common knowledge that there is room even in the smallest hut.


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The A-chair by Brunner: a vertical stacker with plenty of options

The A-chair by Brunner. (photo: Brunner)
The A-chair by Brunner. (photo: Brunner)

Elegance with a wealth of innovations – those are the attributes Baden-based contract furniture manufacturer Brunner uses to describe its new A-chair. The shell and frame of the stackable, linkable and modularly structured all-rounder are combinable in a wide choice of materials and colours. The chair thus aims to create a harmonious impression in all permutations and any interior setting – regardless of whether it is used in rows or as a stand-alone. The A-chair was developed by Stuttgart designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub.

“Our design elegantly integrates all the technical details and has a very strong look,” explains Markus Jehs. The basic shape of the chair is extremely simple: seen from the side, it looks like a capital A – and thus provided the inspiration for the name of the model range. Despite its multitude of functional elements, the A-chair has nevertheless been given a distinctive design and forms a single, homogeneous whole.