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OMLED Round: when the square becomes a circle

© OMLED, David Mertl

OLEDs are a relatively recently developed illuminant. The technology is predominantly used in TVs, smartphones and tablets. But OMLED luminaires also employ OLEDs. Their new lamps go by the name of OMLED Round and transform glare-free light from the light-emitting diodes – which are in fact square – to give the light source a circular appearance.

Interview with Tom Dixon: “We try to cover as many disciplines as possible.”

Tom Dixon
Photo: Peer Lindgreen

From the beginning, Tom Dixon did not only design things – he actually made them. An approach which taught him everything about materials as well as manufacturing processes, about creativity as well as business. A conversation about the connection between all these aspects, and how they help to create quality in a time when living, working and leisure are more and more merging.

Blue is Germany’s favourite colour

Photo: e15, Kerman
Photo: e15, Kerman

The Germans love blue. With 19 per cent preferring this colour, it is ahead of green (14%) and red (13%) by a clear margin. The most popular colour spectrum overall runs from beige (10%) and yellow (7%) through to orange (6%). These are the findings of a representative nationwide survey of 1,000 Germans aged between 16 and 75, commissioned by the German Paint Institute in Frankfurt (DLI / Deutsches Lackinstitut).

Interview with John Löfgren of Form Us With Love: „The borders are blurring.“

The team of Form Us With Love, with founders John Löfgren (left) and Jonas Pettersson (right)
Photo: Jonas Lindström

The young designers of Form Us With Love, Stockholm, know where they come from. But more important: they know where they are headed. And that circumstances for a new generation are different from those for the big Scandinavian designers decades ago. A conversation with co-founder John Löfgren about tradition, new lifestyles, and imm cologne as a business spot.

The Stage: sustainable solutions and functional marerials: Sascha Peters about Material Trends 2017

© Sascha Peters
© Sascha Peters

Today, two major trends in materials developments relevant to interior solutions and design can be observed. On the one hand, manufacturers are seeking to expand their ranges of sustainable material solutions and to improve the environmental sustainability of their production processes, the sourcing of their resources and energy consumption. Added to this, functions are being integrated into materials, opening up opportunities to profitably deploy so-called “smart materials” in an immense variety of ways.

Design oncept: A steel bathtub dressed in fabric

© Bette
© Bette

At Pure Textile, an event, which takes place every two years at imm cologne, the fabric brands can present their latest trends. A current design concept of Bette, a German steel-enamel specialist, shows that fabrics can be combined with other materials in a specific way. With this concept, Bette wants to set out to re-explore the sensuous quality of fabric in the context of the bathroom.

Burnt earth – sometimes woody, sometimes rocky, but always decorative

© Villeroy & Boch
© Villeroy & Boch

The tile is one of the oldest building and decoration elements. However, in recent decades it has gained a reputation for being cold or outmoded. Not anymore. With increasing variance in tile size and design, it is increasingly becoming the favourite of interior designers. With modern tiles they know how to use them to create both a warm country house style with wooden-look floor tiles and exclusive wall decorations in high glass, brick, and metal look.

The influence of megatrends on living


Why is living today an emotional matter for many people, while for others it is only a matter of the necessity for secure housing? Why are secretaries with USB connection so popular now? Why is furniture getting smaller and more flexible? What feeds the zeitgeist and developments in design? The big global megatrends provide the answers to questions like these.