[d3] design talents: visionary ideas for tomorrow’s interior design

For the fourth time, young and creative designers present fresh ideas and new concepts at the imm cologne within the framework of the [d3] design talents.

Hall 3.1 is the platform for young and independent designers, whose inspiring and visionary concepts for tomorrow’s design will surely fascinate the audience in 2009 again.

Made up of the three sections [d3] contest, [d3] professionals und [d3] schools, the event convincingly demonstrates that surprises are still possible and that there is no lack of fresh and new ideas.

Fascinating trends for interior living – magazine visions November 2008 published

The magazine visions November 2008 has been published by imm cologne. visions covers interior trends, market trends and design trends as well as everything one should know about imm cologne, the world’s leading furnishing fair.

Read among other things in the topical visions:

– Interior living trends 2009

– The entire world market in Cologne

– A week dedicated to design

Feel free to download the most recent issue of the magazine visions (November 2008) as PDF document.

You can download all issues of visions already published free of charge.

informed by cologne: trend show and lecture forum about Interior trends for 2009

What interior trends will be dominant in 2009? Answers are provided by the trend forum “informed by cologne”.

In various lectures on color & light, form, function, pattern and material, participants can take a glance at the future of interior design. Moreover, an exhibition on the fair’s Boulevard introduces the four megatrends:

· Extra Much: Ardor and extremes are popular here. Searching for limits with regard to materials, shapes and construction is a dominant feature.

· Near and Far: Nature with its complex and interrelated macro- and microstructure acts as ideal example. Seemingly opposite features are combined.

· Tepee Culture: The nomad roots of mankind and being close to nature are central features. Direct, unmediated experiences, of which cracks and scratches give evidence, are highly valued.

· Re-Run Time: Matters of course are more important than originality. Well-known objects are re-valued. Traditional shapes are refined by reducing them to their essence so that the basic idea shines through again.

Mattresses, reclining systems and bedding at imm sleep

The princess in the fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” by the Brothers Grimm had to sleep on twenty mattresses and twenty feather eiderdowns in order to prove her noble birth – clear proof of the fact that refinement in sleeping existed even back in the golden age.

In the 21st century, this phenomenon is highly developed and different throughout the world. Visitors to imm cologne can experience this for themselves from 19 to 25 January 2009. In hall 9 of the international Cologne furniture trade fair, under the sub-heading “sleep”, a market segment that is exemplary in its completeness and professionalism will be on display.

Designspotter presents 50 international, young designers at imm cologne 2009

From January 19 to 25, 2009 the online design magazine Designspotter is going to present 50 international, young designers straight in the heart of the imm 2009 to a wide audience of experts and visitors.

The Designspotter stand will be in Hall 3.1 – close to the most important design labels of the world. More than 500 square meters of exhibition space and 50 hot products are waiting to be explored by more than 115.000 trade show visitors straight in the midst of Hall 3.1 of imm cologne 2009.

As the leading trade fair for the furniture sector, imm cologne ist the international business event par excellence. Exhibitors at this trade show reach decision-makers from all around the world.

“Interior Trends 2009” – the cutting-edge benchmark for the interior design sector

In this time of major change, the Trendboard at the imm cologne compiles stunning examples of designers’ attempts to create a space which helps people reconnect with the world. These latest trends in interior design are featured in the book “Interior Trends 2009”.

According to the trend analysis conducted by the imm cologne Trendboard, the realities of the world around us are effectively reflected in both people and the latest designs. We are increasingly aware of the perceived and real changes in our lives, which directly impact our lifestyles and home furnishings.

Today’s design expresses social transformations, the shifting balance of nature, changes in our day-to-day lives and our sense of personal responsibility. People are looking at old, familiar things in new ways – and combining them to create innovative designs. Values are being challenged and new rules for aesthetics established.

Cologne – Top Venue For Furniture Professionals

What wood varieties are currently in vogue? Any what about the latest ideas in seating? What type of functions do manufacturers install in the latest generation of kitchen, living room and bedroom cupboards? Anyone seeking answers to such questions will head for interzum, the world’s leading trade fair for supplies, materials and components for the furniture and building interior completion industries. They may also very well make a beeline for the International Furniture Fair imm cologne. Even better, both.

“These two fairs have a number of interesting and complementary crossover features,” says Udo Traeger, Vice President Furniture, Interior Design and Textiles of Koelnmesse. “For example, the visitor to interzum will come across some item of detail or a system, which a short time later will turn up at the imm cologne fully integrated within a finished product.