Freistil and Dawid Tomaszewski:
Interior meets Fashion

Photo: freistil

With his distinctive love for detail, Gdansk-born fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewski is known for his avant-garde design and uncompromisingly perfect fits. Art, architecture and music are the sources of inspiration for his creations. Now, Tomaszewski has produced a new design to clothe a wing chair from the “freistil” (freestyle) range by sofa label Rolf Benz. The result can be seen this coming January at imm cologne.

Ligne Roset introduces new Indoor Outdoor collection

Armchair Fifty by Ligne Roset. (photo: Ligne Roset)
The armchair Fifty by Ligne Roset. (photo: Ligne Roset)

As the transition from indoors to outdoors blurs, the distinction between winter garden and garden living room is becoming increasingly fluid. New furniture for the garden, patio or balcony seems to actively seek attention while at the same time providing a retreat inside the house where the occupants can still feel in touch with nature even during the winter months – and sometimes all year round. It is exactly this trend that the Outdoor collection from French furniture producer Ligne Roset is intended to address.

The collection includes an armchair by the name of Fifty, an interpretation of the wing chair that is just as much at home inside the house as it is out of doors. Its sculptural appearance allies the understated design of a black metal structure with the artisanship of 350 metres of hand-woven black or tobacco-coloured cord. The high backrest is ideal for resting or reading. A footstool enhances the relax factor while the “ears” reinforce the general feeling of security.

Walter Knoll redefines nonchalance de luxe with Jaan Living

Jaan Living von Walter Knoll. Design by EOOS. (Foto: Walter Knoll)
Jaan Living by Walter Knoll. Design by EOOS. (photo: Walter Knoll)

Walter Knoll presents nonchalance de luxe with Jaan Living. Armchair, armchair récamière and upholstered bench naturally gather around the sofa. The extensions to the Jaan Living range create expansive living landscapes.

With spacious seat elements on a delicate framework – the hallmark of the award-winning range. The upholstered bench supplements the sofa – or works on its own in an entrée, lobby or gallery. Jaan Living is a lot of things – but not down-to-earth. It is far too elevated for that.

Get more information about Jaan Living by reading the latest Walter Knoll News.

The armchair Lemon by Brühl: a spring awakening in the living room

“Lemon”, a new armchair by Kati Meyer-Brühl, likewise has its roots in the natural world. (photo: Brühl)
“Lemon”, a new armchair by Kati Meyer-Brühl, likewise has its roots in the natural world. (photo: Brühl)

The return to nature is playing an ever-greater role in almost all areas of modern life. Today’s interior architecture, for instance, is increasingly coming to resemble landscape compositions: carpets are being laid out like fields, abstract pieces of furniture stand in the room as solid as rocks, and we are sleeping amidst gently rolling hills of cushions and covers.

But the design of the furniture itself is also increasingly taking its cues from nature. “Lemon”, a new armchair by Kati Meyer-Brühl, likewise has its roots in the natural world.

With its elegant, organic, leaf-like segments it forms a silhouette that resembles a blooming flower bud. The armchair fans out into five elongated leaf-shaped sections which taper towards the top, giving the piece a crown-like contour.

With Lemon the upholsterer Brühl wants to present a refreshingly vital, decorative and unique piece of furniture that combines elementariness with Mediterranean flair, adding an exuberant air to living rooms and lobbies. Arranged in a group, the armchairs invite companionship.

Furnishing Cologne – part 11: New products Bahir by COR and bookless by interlübke

Sofa Bahir by COR and bookless by interlübke (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

World travellers in Cologne: This year COR is sending a deeply relaxed piece of seating furniture to Cologne from the other side of the Alps: Bahir isn’t just for sitting on, it’s perfect for lounging, sprawling and stretching as well. A place where you can spread out and snuggle up, a freedom zone for slouching and reading, gaming and surfing the net. In order to make all this possible, Swiss designer Jörg Boner created Bahir in the form of a big, inviting shell, abolishing the classic division into seat and backrest. As a result, Bahir is not so much a piece of seating furniture as a private space where you can settle down with cushions, blankets, your partner, some cookies or the kids, depending on how the mood takes you. It’s good to know that the quilted cover can be taken off and cleaned in next to no time. The seams emphasise the clear basic structure of the sofa. The Bahir series also includes an armchair. An ottoman puts the finishing touches to the collection.

Design: Jörg Boner
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S010

With bookless, interlübke transfers the idea of conventional storage concepts into a gallery system for domestic settings. The bookless range aims to shine a spotlight on the beautiful things in life and can be configured as a movable partition, a floor-to-ceiling shelf or a floating wall element. Its elegant glass surfaces, filigree carcass depths and LED lighting are designed to convey a sense of transparency and lightness. One particularly sophisticated detail: the units stand at a distance of 6 cm to the wall, enlarging the surrounding light cone and enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the hovering modules. Developed for both domestic and office settings, the multifunctional concept can adapt to almost any layout, integrate digital media systems and be used in combination with other product ranges.

Design: Gino Carollo& René Chyba
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S020

Furnishing Cologne – part 10: New product armchair Mundo by Leolux

Mundo by Leolux (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Lounge club in Friedenspark: Tempting forms and timeless elements are the hallmarks of the work of Dutch designer Gerard Vollenbrock. His Mundo armchair for Leolux combines style, elegance and a compact charm with dynamism and character. The legs and compact shell are architectural stylistic elements that manage to trigger nostalgic sentiments whilst nevertheless being totally contemporary. Leolux has selected ten combinations of fabric and leather – some of them with jaunty piping – and named each of them after an exciting city. The legs of the armchair feature a “satin chrome” finish – a special process that gives the chrome a slightly matt appearance. Classy, subtle and modern.

Design: Gerard Vollenbrock
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth H031

Furnishing Cologne – part 7: New product armchair Tie Brake by Richard Lampert

Tie Brake by Richard Lampert (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Professions of love for purism: Tie Brake is an outdoor armchair that speaks a contemporary language all its own. The usage of a “standard” material from the sports sector (in this case a tennis net), the edging made of a standard belt, the flat steel base – everything seems obvious, natural and unpretentious. The production method, however, is quite the opposite and, according to the manufacturer, involves a highly complex process. The armchair is available in the colours black and blue and has a seat size of 80 cm x 80 cm. These measurements are special in themselves, because Tie Brake is slightly bigger than a “normal” armchair – “Just a tiny little bit different,” says Richard Lampert of one of his new product launches for the imm cologne 2012.

Design: Bertjan Pot
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth J010

Furnishing Cologne – part 4: New product armchair Bao by Walter Knoll

Bao by Walter Knoll (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Form goes freestyle on a slippery surface: An opulent sculpture with a delightful derrière: rather like a leather ball, the slightly convex back of Walter Knoll’s Bao armchair consists of three cleverly cut strips of leather. The flowing lines thus created map out the lounge chair’s spirited and elegant design. The swivel armchair is equipped with a heavy but invisible metal plate and features a combination of different materials: leather on the back, fabric on the seat. Everything has its place. In the office, several Baos can be combined to create a seating scenario that permits collaboration and communication on an equal, non-hierarchical basis.

Design: EOOS
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth H011