Tiles in home-building:
functional, aesthetic and cost-efficient

Photo: 41zero42, Mate

The standards are high today when it comes to building new homes: in addition to being a profitable investment in the future, new buildings must remain aesthetically pleasing and functional for generations – cost-efficiency, accessibility and sustainability are the keywords here. In this ideal, stylish and functional design of the interior construction is possible with high-quality yet attractively priced construction materials.

Veneer: versatile appearance – versatile applications

Poto: IFN, Roser AG, Gehri AG

Veneer is one of the oldest means of decoration for high-quality surfaces. In ancient Egypt, inexpensive substrate timbers were covered with thin layers of select high-grade wood; at that time, particularly bird’s eye maple. The various tree species produce highly differentiated veneer patterns, which sometimes even vary greatly within one species. And they even have stories to tell.

From Urban Chic to Green Design – the outdoor trends for 2012

Photo: Bauholz design
Escaping from the hectic pace of everyday life, shifting down a gear and enjoying the evenings and weekends in your very own green oasis: for a growing number of people, the garden, patio or balcony is their favourite place for getting away from it all for a while. And that means having a comfy place to sit too.

The Nordic maritime look with its clear but cosy shapes is particularly popular for outdoor furniture right now. And in view of Scandinavia’s coastal climate, it’s perfectly acceptable for the tables and chairs to look a little rough. When it comes to patterns, stripes and various shades of blue are popular. At the same time, romanticism is experiencing a renaissance: a growing number of manufacturers are going for a dreamy look. The trend is dominated by playful creations and gently flowing forms, along with combinations of charming details, floral designs and old-style patterns. The City Style is also featuring on the outdoor stage as a countertrend to the romantic look and favours flamboyant, design-oriented shapes. Loungers and couches are characterised by a puristic straightforwardness and elegance and many of the material combinations include stainless steel. When it comes to colours, white, sand and brown shades will continue to dominate in 2011/12. And green is a must. The trend colour of the last fashion season is now conquering balconies and patios too, with manufacturers banking on bright shades like lime and apple green.

Creative screening from Création Baumann: Gecko in the Box

Gecko in the Box. (Photo: Création Baumann)
Gecko in the Box. (Photo: Création Baumann)

They can be used as screening, anti-glare protection or just for decoration. They adorn mirrors or windows and cast striking shadows on floors or walls – the self-adhesive Gecko in the Box textiles from Création Baumann. The decorative elements are simply stuck onto glass surfaces, no glue required. The uv-proof textiles stay in place thanks to an adhesive coating on the back: the gravitational pull of the molecules between the two materials provides sufficient traction.

As a result, the foils can be removed without leaving any residue and reused. The various designs are supplied in a gift box as a set of ready-cut components. A choice of different colours and shapes are available, from graphic figures all the way to silhouette-like flowers and leaves and colourful kids’ themes. An accompanying booklet provides suggestions for various creative possibilities.