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The PRO chair series from Flötotto: designed for schools, suitable for anywhere

The PRO chair series from Flötotto. (photo: Flötotto)
The PRO chair series from Flötotto. (photo: Flötotto)

Eight months after its launch at the imm cologne 2012, the Flötotto chair series PRO is being extended to include a four-prong aluminium pedestal base and a bistro table. Flötotto is presenting the additions to the chair collection designed by Konstantin Grcic at Orgatec.

To this day, the Flötotto brand’s fame is closely linked with school chairs. “There’s something about Flötotto that you could call its DNA, based on the special shape of the seat shell and the resulting functionality. We wanted to reconnect with our history, but in an innovative way,” says managing director Frederik Flötotto who, together with his father and co-managing director Elmar Flötotto, began producing school furniture again in 2012 whilst simultaneously positioning PRO on the market for contract and domestic furniture. In the course of the intensive joint development process with Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design, which took a good two years to complete, the original idea of “just” producing a school chair was expanded. 

A flat-out winner – Flatmate by Müller Möbelwerkstätten

The Flatmate: thanks to its compact dimensions, this new interpretation of the bureau is also ideal for users with a mobile lifestyle – a bureau to go, as it were. (photo: Müller Möbelwerkstätten)
The Flatmate: thanks to its compact dimensions, this new interpretation of the bureau is also ideal for users with a mobile lifestyle – a bureau to go, as it were. (photo: Müller Möbelwerkstätten)

Like a real buddy or a good fellow lodger in a student flatshare, the Flatmate bureau from Müller Möbelwerkstätten makes itself scarce when it isn’t needed. When closed, it has a footprint of just 0.09 m² and is thus a likely contender for the title of smallest fully equipped bureau on the market.

Thanks to its shallow depth and simple, inconspicuous design, it can even turn long hallways in older buildings into a home office if required, provide a private place for writing letters in the bedroom or serve as a temporary workstation in a weekend home. Flatmate thus manages to make sensible use of leftover spaces and unused corners that are not suitable for more conventional furnishings. Thanks to its compact dimensions, this new interpretation of the bureau is also ideal for users with a mobile lifestyle – a bureau to go, as it were.

The integrated and flexible interior features provide storage space for both traditional writing instruments and a tablet PC & Co. and combine the characteristics of a classic type of furniture with the new forms of networked life and work. With the addition of a Bluetooth keyboard (not included), a mobile tablet PC can thus be transformed into a stationary and ergonomic workstation with an integrated power supply; the mobile phone can be discreetly charged behind the closed desktop.

Dual trade fair imm cologne / LivingKitchen 2013 set to be a big success

Frank Haubold, Vice President Trade Fair Management at Koelnmesse. (photo: Koelnmesse)
Frank Haubold, Vice President Trade Fair Management at Koelnmesse. (photo: Koelnmesse)

In several respects, Germany can be described as the country for furniture – as is also reflected in the development of the imm cologne. The event has returned to its former strength and has been reporting a steady increase in attendance figures since 2009. This is due on the one hand to a trade fair platform that has proved its worth and on the other to the stable economic situation and high demand for furnishings within the Federal Republic.

“For many years now, this trade fair has been an absolute must, even if there are a few weaker years behind us,” explains Frank Haubold, Vice President Trade Fair Management at Koelnmesse. “In 2012, we were once again able to welcome a lot of first-time exhibitors to the imm cologne – young, up-and-coming companies who saw their presence at the trade fair as a way of gaining a stronger foothold in Germany and Europe. But it wasn’t only new providers who came to Cologne: a lot of firmly established manufacturers returned as well – precisely because the German furniture show enjoys such a good reputation and, in recent years, has been able to improve its standing even further.”

Translated into figures, this means an increase from 948 exhibiting companies in 2009 to no fewer than 1,159 this year. In addition, the number of visitors grew by 15% to approx. 115,000 in the same period.

Assessment after imm cologne 2012: The furniture and interior design sector booms, positive expectations for imm cologne 2013

Koelnmesse can look back on a very successful imm cologne 2012. In addition to the trade fair organizer’s well-rounded concept, this success was also due to other reasons, according to Dr. Lucas Heumann, Chief Executive of the Trade Associations of the Wood and Furniture Industry: “On the whole, Koelnmesse has understood the exhibitors’ wishes and implemented them in a series of flexible and customized offers. However, this success is also due to the overall economic situation. The market in the German-speaking countries, which is addressed by the core of the exhibitors in Cologne, is almost the only one in Europe in which consumers are currently showing an increasing tendency to buy.” As a result, a survey conducted by Koelnmesse GmbH shows that the exhibitors of imm cologne 2012 provided extremely positive feedback 100 days after the fair.

Many exhibitors have full order books more than three months after the end of the sector’s leading international trade fair, which focussed on the trends, designers and new products for furniture and interior design.

imm cologne 2012 has been a complete success: 115,000 visitors from 118 countries have come to Cologne

On 22nd January 2012, the imm cologne and LivingInteriors drew to a close in Cologne with a very good result. For seven days, 1,157 companies from 54 countries showed the interior design trends of the coming year. Including estimates for the last day of the show, the trade fair duo lured 115,000 visitors to Cologne. “Cologne is the key business platform for the global furniture economy – as this trade fair has once again impressively demonstrated,” sums up Gerald Böse, CEO of Koelnmesse. “This year we were bang on course. We had more exhibitors, were more international – the Italian contingent was stronger than it had been for a long time – and visitors got to see lots of genuinely new products. All in all, a result like this means we are again playing at the very top of the furniture sector’s premier league,” continues Böse.

With his statement “This year’s furniture fair exceeded our expectations yet again,” Dirk Uwe Klaas, Chief Executive of the Association of the German Furniture Industry (Verband der Deutschen Möbelindustrie), came to a similar conclusion. “With this kind of momentum, 2012 may well be a very good year for furniture- and as far as Germany is concerned, our furniture industry may well become the engine that drives consumption,” adds the Chief Executive.

A total of 115,000 visitors came to the metropolis on the Rhine – 14 percent more than at the last comparable event in 2010, even without LivingKitchen. With foreign visitors accounting for 42 percent (based on the trade visitor days), the imm cologne was once again a very international trade fair. Firstly, there were far more buyers from Europe, especially from the Russian Federation and Italy, and secondly, there was a slight increase in the number of visitors from North America and Asia. The Public Days were also very well attended. Around 40,000 consumers came to seek inspiration from the interior worlds on show. “We see this result as proof that our many and varied activities, aimed not only at national and international trade visitors but at consumers as well, have been successful,” says Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse. “The imm cologne 2012 has thus established itself as an order-writing and information platform,” continues the COO.

Furnishing Cologne – part 11: New products Bahir by COR and bookless by interlübke

Sofa Bahir by COR and bookless by interlĂĽbke (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

World travellers in Cologne: This year COR is sending a deeply relaxed piece of seating furniture to Cologne from the other side of the Alps: Bahir isn’t just for sitting on, it’s perfect for lounging, sprawling and stretching as well. A place where you can spread out and snuggle up, a freedom zone for slouching and reading, gaming and surfing the net. In order to make all this possible, Swiss designer Jörg Boner created Bahir in the form of a big, inviting shell, abolishing the classic division into seat and backrest. As a result, Bahir is not so much a piece of seating furniture as a private space where you can settle down with cushions, blankets, your partner, some cookies or the kids, depending on how the mood takes you. It’s good to know that the quilted cover can be taken off and cleaned in next to no time. The seams emphasise the clear basic structure of the sofa. The Bahir series also includes an armchair. An ottoman puts the finishing touches to the collection.

Design: Jörg Boner
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S010

With bookless, interlĂĽbke transfers the idea of conventional storage concepts into a gallery system for domestic settings. The bookless range aims to shine a spotlight on the beautiful things in life and can be configured as a movable partition, a floor-to-ceiling shelf or a floating wall element. Its elegant glass surfaces, filigree carcass depths and LED lighting are designed to convey a sense of transparency and lightness. One particularly sophisticated detail: the units stand at a distance of 6 cm to the wall, enlarging the surrounding light cone and enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the hovering modules. Developed for both domestic and office settings, the multifunctional concept can adapt to almost any layout, integrate digital media systems and be used in combination with other product ranges.

Design: Gino Carollo& René Chyba
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S020

Furnishing Cologne – part 10: New product armchair Mundo by Leolux

Mundo by Leolux (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Lounge club in Friedenspark: Tempting forms and timeless elements are the hallmarks of the work of Dutch designer Gerard Vollenbrock. His Mundo armchair for Leolux combines style, elegance and a compact charm with dynamism and character. The legs and compact shell are architectural stylistic elements that manage to trigger nostalgic sentiments whilst nevertheless being totally contemporary. Leolux has selected ten combinations of fabric and leather – some of them with jaunty piping – and named each of them after an exciting city. The legs of the armchair feature a “satin chrome” finish – a special process that gives the chrome a slightly matt appearance. Classy, subtle and modern.

Design: Gerard Vollenbrock
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth H031

Furnishing Cologne – part 9: New product trolleys Silver Edition by bordbar

Trolley Silver Edition by boardbar (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Travelling companions en route to other worlds: The service trolley has been a permanent fixture in the airplanes of this world for decades. bordbar transforms the trolleys into extraordinary, timeless pieces of furniture for a wide variety of different purposes. The form is reduced to the essentials: pure function in the tightest of spaces and in indestructible quality – this is the basis for the genuine one-offs produced by the Cologne-based company. The trolleys are available in a multitude of colours and with a multitude of functions that leave nothing to be desired. Having won a red dot product design award in 2011, bordbar will be appearing at the 2012 furniture fair with new variants (Silver Edition), new finishes and a shorter delivery time (within 48 hours).

Design: Valentin Hartmann und Stephan Boltz
Booth: Hall 11.1 Booth C051

Furnishing Cologne – part 8: New product tables Leaves by Draenert

Leaves von Draenert (Foto: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Flotsam and jetsam at low water: Leaves is a piece of furniture heavy with symbolism: the grain of the club table is reminiscent of a leaf. Derived from the elemental basic pattern of a triangle within a circle, Leaves from furniture makers Draenert deliberately allows the user a generous degree of creative freedom. Independently of the interior context, it is ideal for flexible usage – the possibilities are endless. Three tables, for instance, can be arranged in a circular formation, as a flower or in a freeform pattern. Leaves can thus be used as a coffee table or an occasional table. The top is made of oiled solid wood (American walnut), the base of powder-coated steel. The table has a diameter of approx. 85 centimetres.

Design: Stephan Veit
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth J002

Furnishing Cologne – part 7: New product armchair Tie Brake by Richard Lampert

Tie Brake by Richard Lampert (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

Professions of love for purism: Tie Brake is an outdoor armchair that speaks a contemporary language all its own. The usage of a “standard” material from the sports sector (in this case a tennis net), the edging made of a standard belt, the flat steel base – everything seems obvious, natural and unpretentious. The production method, however, is quite the opposite and, according to the manufacturer, involves a highly complex process. The armchair is available in the colours black and blue and has a seat size of 80 cm x 80 cm. These measurements are special in themselves, because Tie Brake is slightly bigger than a “normal” armchair – “Just a tiny little bit different,” says Richard Lampert of one of his new product launches for the imm cologne 2012.

Design: Bertjan Pot
Booth: Hall 11.2 Booth J010