Not off the peg: custom-made sofas by
Sophisticated Living

Graphic: Sophisticated Living

In the living room the sofa is the eye-catcher and the place where we spend the most time. But often the design of this room is more individual than the products offered by upholstered furniture manufacturers. Niches, projecting walls or ledges, pitched roofs, ovens or doors can thwart plans to buy the sofa of your dreams. It’s a centimetre too wide here, or the backrests don’t fit there, or maybe the whole sofa is a bit too deep. That’s why we compromise on our couch purchases and buy an off-the-peg model – even though the trend for personalisation is making inroads into interior design in a growing number of areas.

Furnishing Cologne – part 2: New product barstool Kya by Frei Frau

(Foto: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

High noon at Päffgen: The Kya barstool from young furniture brand Frei Frau is more than just an innovative solution for a typical pub stool. According to its designers Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher (Neuland), it looks just as much at home in the leather-dominated setting of a swish historic hotel bar as it does in the understated clarity of an urban bar or even a modern private interior. You can either sit on it the traditional way or as if it were a saddle. It invites the user to change position and play with the different possibilities. A hefty double seam holds the individual pieces of leather together. Kya is designed to age with dignity, acquiring a patina as the years pass. With increasing age, the stool is meant to tell of the thousands of miles its various riders have spent astride it at the bars of this world – hopefully in line with the motto: change your horse, not your saddle!

Design: Neuland Paster & Geldmacher
Booth: Hall 3.2 Booth D029

At the imm cologne 2012, Axor and Ruhe & Raum will again be merging the bathroom with the bedroom

(Photo: Axor)
The days when the bathroom was a separate space and spent its lonely existence in isolation from the rest of the home are long since gone. The bathroom has meanwhile become living space in its own right, a veritable wellness oasis – and thus an elementary component of modern architecture. Rather than ignoring the bathroom, interior decorators and architects are now incorporating it into their plans on an equal footing with the kitchen and living room. Bathroom furnishing concepts are becoming increasingly varied and individual: when it comes to our personal sense of well-being, we all have our own standards and expectations – which can vary considerably depending on our life stage and situation. There is a growing demand for consistent room concepts that go beyond the scope of individual products and pure functionality.

The human factor as the measure of all things – seating comfort made by COR

Making upholstered furniture is an art form in its own right. And when it comes to seating comfort, ergonomics are an important discipline. The right seat heights and depths and the materials used play a major role. In addition, observations on human growth development are becoming increasingly important. Consequently, in light of the fact that, on average, people are getting taller, COR raised the seat height of its sofas by two centimetres several years ago.

A host of very different needs have to be considered – not only in terms of the construction but with regard to choosing the right sofa as well. Besides weight and height, the user’s personal preferences also play a key role: some like to sit close to the ground, others like to rise above things. And whilst some prefer a soft, flat surface, others like a firmer seat with a high backrest. When it comes to the upholstery, the personal feelgood factor is crucial. “Trust your instincts,” advises COR’s head of marketing Berthold Strüve, “Try out various backrests and seats. Comparing different options is the only way to find out what kind of inner workings are right for you.”