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Let’s work together:
COR designs furniture for working worlds

Photo: COR

Our working worlds are transforming. We no longer work from nine to five – or nine to seven. Flexitime is the new normal – whenever our personal performance is at its best. Co-working studios are constantly popping up, spaces that promote networking and encourage their users to constantly exchange ideas and knowledge with each other. Stationary workstations are expanding into digital platforms that you can log into anywhere.

Dynamism, standstill and motion: Office furniture specialist Vitra invites you to a special kind of art exhibition

Foto: Ampelphase 5 (Foto: Holger Peters)
People spend a considerable amount of time in their lives waiting. And especially waiting in traffic – for the train to pass, the traffic jam to break up or the red light to change.

Back in 2007, this waiting at traffic lights inspired office furniture specialists Vitra to launch a series of exhibitions. For a period of three weeks, six renowned architectural firms are invited to use the Frankfurt showroom to stage experimental installations in a space-consuming scenography inspired by the following question: How can dynamism, standstill and motion be translated into striking form? And while the traffic lights on the busy Gutleutstrasse thoroughfare are red, passing motorists are meant to become participants in the exhibition, at least for a brief moment.

Furniture industry sees an opportunity despite financial crisis

Despite the financial crisis and its current effects on the economy, the German furniture industry sees an opportunity to increase the status of homes and furnishings in these difficult times. Whenever people feel extremely insecure, their own home and the sense of security and safety connected with their own four walls assume a higher status. Only the furniture industry can satisfy this feeling now, and thereby bring furniture higher up the ranking list of personal desires. In addition, furniture as a valuable and life-long consumer item represents a long-lasting and reliable investment.

The figures and statistics seen since the summer provide evidence that this hope is not entirely without foundation. In the otherwise extremely different 3rd quarter of the year, in which almost no other industry branch escaped unscathed, growth of 1.5 percent was realised.