A tent is a tent – or is there more to it than that?

Photo: KarTent

Summertime is the time for festivals. In Europe alone, more than 500 multi-day music festivals take place each year between May and September, attracting millions of visitors. Most of them will camp on the festival site itself. But one in four simply leave their weekend accommodation behind at the end of the festival. Taking down the tent and packing it away seems like too much hard work after a weekend’s partying. Every year 25,000 tents are abandoned at festivals in the Netherlands alone. That’s a lot of rubbish. And that’s exactly what the Dutch design team Wout Kommer and Jan Portheine thought. In response, they came up with a 100% recyclable tent made from cardboard.

Deluxe camping in harmony with nature

Glamping Resorts – Biosphäre Bliesgau, Rilchingen-Hanweiler Photo: Glamping GmbH

Glamping is a new trend that has set out to take camping to new heights with its equation “glamour” + “camping”. And it has nothing to do with sleeping in damp, uncomfortable places, wearing soggy clothes and getting wet feet. Glamping accommodation simply cannot be compared to conventional tents. Comfortable beds with sprung mattresses, proper furniture, stoves for welcoming warmth – the interior can even include a bathroom complete with bathtub.

Rivera by Minotti:
the new ourdoor elegance

© Minotti
© Minotti

The Rivera collection wants to suggest a contemporary interpretation of retro elegance reminiscent of a typically Mediterranean vibe. This idea is driven by a desire to experiment with contrasts and unique combinations of materials for the outdoors – lightweight metal, the reassuring warmth of wood, sophisticated weaves and the elegance of the fabrics – all contribute to transform even outdoor spaces into intimate and cozy settings.

Trend: Quality Through Craftsmanship


Craftsmanship is a tradition. And one that seems to be particularly prevalent in the furniture-making sector – probably because many of today’s medium-sized enterprises have evolved from small cabinetmaker’s workshops. And even large-scale companies rely – at least in part – on a blend of industrial manufacturing and hand-crafted production. Especially when it comes to customising what is actually machine-made furniture. Companies are keen to woo customers with attributes like “artisanal workmanship”, “traditional craftsmanship” or “producers of fine hand-made furniture”. Such phrases are intended to confer special quality on the products and a special standard of quality on the companies. We show where craftsmanship is still very much a hands-on undertaking.

Bbqube brings the kitchen outside


As soon as the temperatures reach an acceptable level, the barbecue season will begin to start. However, the outdoor kitchen bbqube is not only made for barbecue outdoors. It also is about to bring the entire process starting from food preparation down to the actual food consumption outside, extending the enjoyment and fun of cooking and barbecuing.

The new outdoor trend: whirlpools conquer the garden and patio

Pure51_2014_Outdoor_Whirlpools_AufmacherPhoto: Villeroy & Boch

When living relocates outdoors in summer, the daybed, easy chair and coffee table migrate to the patio. But there are other refreshing activities that can be pursued without a roof over your head too. According to the German Sanitary Industry Association (Vereinigung Deutsche Sanitärwirtschaft / VDS), sanitary manufacturers have developed home spa enjoyment in the form of whirlpools to such an extent that moving this particular water feature into the greenery has been no problem for some time now.

Cool down in Venice: Hornschuch presents new material for outdoor furniture

Pure_13_2014_Hornschuch_Skai_AufmacherPhotos: Hornschuch

With skai cool colors Venezia, Hornschuch is presenting an innovation in the field of outdoor upholstered furniture. In direct sunlight, special cool colors pigments are about to reflect up to 80 % of the radiation in the near infrared range. As a result, the heat build-up of the upholstery material is reduced by up to 25 %. The innovative technology has already proven itself in other Hornschuch business segments, for example in convertible seat covers or window frames.