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Flexibility for eyes and back:
Pure Talents Contest 2018

Photo: Hiroyuki Morita

The special exhibition “Pure Talents Contest” at imm cologne (Hall 3.1) will show smart product concepts, offbeat ideas and solid craftsmanship in a tremendous diversity encompassing everything within the world of interior design, from ultra-simple furniture and textile works to home accessories and lamps through to conceptual design. Today we present the lamp 60° of Svenja Katharina Jakobs and Jonas Wansing and the two seating furniture Cellastic and Temi of Hiroyuki Morita.

Relationship between people and objects:
Pure Talents Contest 2018

Photo: Xiang Guan

Do we actually need furniture, or is it furniture that needs us? This year it was 3/4 striking how many young designers addressed the relationship between man and object: our era, the users themselves and almost forgotten craftsmanship – all this takes on a shape in this year’s winning entries for the Pure Talents Contest. Two of them we present today: Yohay Alush from Israel and Xiang Guan from China.

The new sofa of Brunner: A new form of sitting – for more creativity

Das junge Berliner Designstudio osko+deichmann entwarf mit "plot" für Brunner die raumbildende und modulare Sitzlandschaft, die zu unterschiedlichen Sitzpositionen inspiriert. (Foto: Brunner)
The young Berlin design studio osko+deichmann created the space-creating, modular piece of seating furniture for various sitting positions. (photo: Brunner)

With “plot” Brunner presents a modular piece of seating furniture for a relaxed way of sitting. The young Berlin design studio osko+deichmann created the space-creating, modular piece of seating furniture for various sitting positions, which can be integrated into offices, foyers or lounges like a natural “loungescape”.

The open concept of use, which is based on a square module, fits in well with those who do not only want to sit but lean against, move, interact and communicate in a relaxed way. “We wanted to create a product which the user handles in a different way. You should feel free and mobile – this releases productive energy and promotes creativity,” Dr. Marc Brunner, Managing Director of the family business, is convinced. The concept of plot offers seats adjustable on three levels and is about to interpret the function of arm and back rest in a new way.

“How do we sit, when we are on the road? Do we wait or do we work? Do we meet and interact? Or do we rest?” These questions led osko+deichmann to the unconventional design of plot. On the basis of a square module, six combinations of seats and rests can be realised. The middle level – the arm rest – was designed in a flexible way and can be repositioned without the use of tools.

Furnishing Cologne – part 11: New products Bahir by COR and bookless by interlübke

Sofa Bahir by COR and bookless by interlübke (Photo: Mirjam Fruscella / koelnmesse)

World travellers in Cologne: This year COR is sending a deeply relaxed piece of seating furniture to Cologne from the other side of the Alps: Bahir isn’t just for sitting on, it’s perfect for lounging, sprawling and stretching as well. A place where you can spread out and snuggle up, a freedom zone for slouching and reading, gaming and surfing the net. In order to make all this possible, Swiss designer Jörg Boner created Bahir in the form of a big, inviting shell, abolishing the classic division into seat and backrest. As a result, Bahir is not so much a piece of seating furniture as a private space where you can settle down with cushions, blankets, your partner, some cookies or the kids, depending on how the mood takes you. It’s good to know that the quilted cover can be taken off and cleaned in next to no time. The seams emphasise the clear basic structure of the sofa. The Bahir series also includes an armchair. An ottoman puts the finishing touches to the collection.

Design: Jörg Boner
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S010

With bookless, interlübke transfers the idea of conventional storage concepts into a gallery system for domestic settings. The bookless range aims to shine a spotlight on the beautiful things in life and can be configured as a movable partition, a floor-to-ceiling shelf or a floating wall element. Its elegant glass surfaces, filigree carcass depths and LED lighting are designed to convey a sense of transparency and lightness. One particularly sophisticated detail: the units stand at a distance of 6 cm to the wall, enlarging the surrounding light cone and enhancing the three-dimensional effect of the hovering modules. Developed for both domestic and office settings, the multifunctional concept can adapt to almost any layout, integrate digital media systems and be used in combination with other product ranges.

Design: Gino Carollo& René Chyba
Booth: Hall 11.3 Booth S020

Contemporary Relaxation: the 405 PF and 406 PF Padded Armchairs by Stefan Diez

Contemporary Relaxation: the 405 PF and 406 PF Padded Armchairs by Stefan Diez Complement the Designer’s Successful Chair and Table Series for Thonet.

The use of bentwood for excellent seating comfort has always been a hallmark of Thonet’s seating furniture. Introduced three years ago, Stefan Diez’s 404 chair series has further developed this theme, using new wood processing techniques and building a bridge between tradition and contemporary interior design. Thonet has extended the successful 404 collection with two new and distinctive designs: the 405 PF and the 406 PF padded armchairs, furniture that provides relaxing seating comfort for the home as well as for hotels, restaurants and bars.